Superior quality at small town prices, CELF Services, LLC offers your business a COMPLETE outsourcing solution - Engineering, Fabrication, Finishing, and Packaging. We have provided services for many Fortune 500 companies and guarantee that we can successfully handle your requirements in a timely manner, at a fair price, and with world-class service.

Some of our customers have included:
  • Manitowoc

  • ICorp

  • JLG Industries

  • Landis Grinding Systems

  • The White House – Environmental Services

  • PA Turnpike Commission

  • New Jersey DOT

  • Creative Metalworks, LLC

  • US Army Material Command

  • PA National Guard

  • Mantec

  • Pangborn

  • Volvo Powertrain

  • Timken

  • TriFab

  • ITW

  • Dentsply

  • Atlas-Copco

  • Beck

  • LSI Controls

  • LAI

  • Merit Brass

  • Landis Threading

  • Letterkenny Army Depot

  • Frick Company

  • Jerr-Dan

  • Domestic Castings

  • Sierra Nevada Corporation

  • Hatch & Kirk, Inc.

  • BP Solar

  • Ingram Books

  • Ventura Foods

  • PECO

  • Rebuilders Unlimited

Metal Finishing

By partnering with several metal plating companies, CELF Services, LLC offers a huge array of Metal Finishing Services to industries in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Metal Finishing Services Offered:
  • Chromate Conversion Coatings – clear, light iridescent, & gold coloring

  • Hard Anodizing – clear and black colors only

  • Structural Anodizing

  • Conventional Anodizing – wide color range

  • Cadmium Coating

  • Chrome Plating

  • Electroless Nickel

  • Electropolishing

  • Passivation

  • Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) of Aluminum

  • Solid Film Lubricants

  • CELF Services, LLC metal finishing partners provide the experience necessary to work with customers on new applications and existing projects; and can provide technical assistance to determine the most cost effective solutions for plating issues.

  • CELF Services, LLC plates to ASTM and military specifications, as well as individual customer requirements.

  • Rigid quality control, strict environmental compliance, and responsive customer service allows CELF to differentiate itself from traditional plating companies.

  • By partnering with several metal finishing companies, CELF Services, LLC can offer a one-stop shop for all your plating needs, offering a wide variety of services not normally available through one channel.

Value Added Services
  • Special masking of components requiring selective anodizing

  • Silk screen printing

  • Pad printing

  • Assembly and packaging

  • Salt spray testing

  • Laser engraving

If you don’t see the type of finishing or plating your company requires, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your needs. We encourage our customers to involve our team to determine the proper selection of alloy, surface finish, and coating thickness. We take pride in tailoring our service to your specific requirement and guarantee our results.


Powder-Coating Services

A key part of our one-stop outsourcing solution is CELF Services, LLC's ability to offer High Volume and Batch Part Powder-Coating finishes – Economical, Quick, Durable.

  • The fastest growing segment of the finishing industry for the last ten years, powder coating is faster, considerably more durable, and environmentally fiendly when compared to conventional liquid coatings.

  • Color selection is virtually unlimited with high and low gloss, metallic, and clear finishes available.

  • In addition to the advantages of powder coating, it remains one of the most economical protective finishes available on the market – often offering a savings of 30% or more compared with wet paint finishes.


  • Parts up to 5’x10’x200’ long

  • Conveyorized powder coating lines

  • Batch powder coating booths

  • Batch cure & dry off ovens

  • 5-stage chemical cleaning and pretreatment

  • Conveyor blast machine & hand blast cabinets

  • In house Quality Control lab

  • Packaging & product identification

  • Pickup & delivery available

  • Custom services available

Coating Types: Finishes: Advantages:
  • Epoxy Powders

  • Polyester Powders

  • Hybrid Powders

  • Urethane

  • Smooth

  • Textured

  • Metallic

  • Hammertone

  • Wrinkled

  • High Glass - Flat

  • Reduce Cost

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Ready for Immediate Use

  • Environmentally Friendly


Wood Crates, Boxes, & Cradles

The “heart” of our business, CELF Services, LLC specializes in Custom Built and Production Run Crates, Boxes, & Cradles of all sizes & shapes.

The CELF Services team of professionals takes pride in creating a strong and lasting relationship with each of our clients. Through rapid order processing, efficient product manufacturing and on time delivery on our own trucks, CELF is committed to your company’s crating and shipping success.

  • "Service Provider" solutions for all of your crating needs

  • Wooden Crates/Boxes/Bases are manufactured in-house using only the best materials including Masonite, OSB, and Plywood

  • On-site export certified, kiln-dried heat treating of crates, pallets, and boxes for all overseas or long storage applications

  • Crate design and consulting services as well as "Quick- Turn" deliveries are the hallmark of our success

Products Include:

  • Heat Treated Export Crates

  • Plywood Crates

  • Military Boxes & Crates

  • Trade Show Crates

  • Open Frame Crates

  • Knock-Down Boxes

  • Heavy Duty Cradles & Skids for Industrial Application

Services Include:

  • High production crate manufacturing capabilities

  • Custom designed crates and boxes

  • JIT/Lean programs

  • Screw, nail, and bolt construction

  • Metal corner bracketing

  • Military spec including PPP-B-621, PPP-B-601, ASTM-D6251, MIL-B- 2427, ASTM-D-6039, MIL-C-104

  • Crating solutions for over-sized products


Recycled, Remanufactured, & New Pallets

Working with SPR, CELF Services, LLC offers a wide variety of Economic Pallet Solutions for your business

  • The use of recycled wood pallets has skyrocketed as industry has found that using recycled pallets can be very cost effective – savings up to 70%

  • Very strict workmanship specifications and a well-trained workforce ensures your business receives top quality pallets for your application

  • Heat treating of pallets to comply with ISPM-15 requirements for exporting on wood pallets to most industrial countries

  • CELF Services understands that different companies have different needs, so we offer many grades of recycled pallets, as well as, remanufactured and new pallets

Products Include:

  • Recycled pallets - reconditioned 48" x 40" pallets utilizing reclaimed wood in several grades & price ranges.
    Custom sizes available

  • Remanufactured Pallets – both new and recycled wood assembled from scratch

  • New Pallets – order new pallets constructed of hardwood or softwood (pine) lumber

Renew, Recycle, Reuse, Repair

Other considerations:

  • Pallets in stock

  • On-time deliveries

  • Accurate scrap pallet counting and reporting

  • Swift problem resolutions

  • Guaranteed availability with Purchase Order

  • Comprehensive pallet management program

We BUY Used Pallets:

  • Want to sell your used pallets - we pay for any reusable pallets on a Graded scale

  • Depending on volume, drop trailers can be placed at your location to be loaded by you at your convenience saving you time and valuable floor space.


Fabrication Services

CELF Services, LLC offers full-service Fabrication Services to handle all of your production overflow concerns at very competitive pricing!

Capabilities include:
  • Laser Sheet Metal Cutting

  • Laser Tube Cutting

  • Precision Punching

  • Metal Shearing

  • Water-Jet Cutting

  • Precision Forming

    • Up to 12' lengths

  • Machining

    • Metal

    • Plastics

    • Composites

  • Welding


    • MIG

    • TIG


  • Precision Fixturing

  • Assembly

  • Single source for all of your sub-contract

  • With over 60 years in combined manufacturing/ fabrication experience, CELF Services, LLC guarantees its work to be of the highest quality and tends to exceed customer expectations

  • Full project capabilities to complete any job from raw material to finished good

CELF Services, LLC specializes in quick-turn projects, but also excels at long production runs.

CELF offers high-end fabrication and quality at small town prices. We would be happy to quote a project for you.

Hit your production deadlines by outsourcing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.


Engineering Services

CELF Services, LLC offers a full array of Engineering Services

  • Specializing in mechanical design for complex machines and machine tooling, we have developed a reputation for a hands-on approach to developing solutions.

  • Flucuations on workflow, the need to compress engineering project cycle times, and a lack of expert help have created the need which client firms have for our services.

  • The ability to quickly and efficiently handle surges in technical manpower has made us a viable source of help to handle projects in a skilled, prudent, and economical manner

Design Engineering:

  • New Product Conceptualization & Development

  • Component Design & Analysis

  • Product Upgrade & Retrofit

  • Product Cost Optimization

  • Product Failure Evaluation

  • Tooling & Fixture Design

Software Applications:

  • Pro Engineer (Pro-E)

  • Inventor

  • SDRC Ideas

  • AutoCAD

  • MicroCADAM Helix

  • Hewlett-Packard ME-10

  • Anvil 1000


Integrated Industrial Control Systems

In Conjunction with ICC Consultants, Inc. CELF Services, LLC is able to Service, Design, and Integrate Industrial Control Systems

  • Single source for the design of hardware and software machine controls that govern all phases of the manufacturing process

  • We integrate components from various vendors to provide the optimum-engineered solutions that meet complex customer specifications

  • Engineering meets or exceeds the requirements of the National Electrical Code for domestic clients and the IEC for overseas clients

  • Hands-on software engineers are very familiar with most standard industry software languages, including C/C++, MIL standard, IEEE, ISA and CMM software packages

  • Specializing in mechanical design for complex machines and machine tooling, we have developed a reputation for a hands-on approach to developing solutions.

  • Flucuations on workflow, the need to compress engineering project cycle times, and a lack of expert help have created the need which client firms have for our services.

  • The ability to quickly and efficiently handle surges in technical manpower has made us a viable source of help to handle projects in a skilled, prudent, and economical manner

PLC Systems Supported:

  • GE Fanuc 90-20, 90-30

  • Allen-Bradley SLC-500, PLC5

  • Modicon 884, 984, Quantum

  • Cutler Hammer

  • Square D Symax



CNC Systems Supported:

  • GE Fanuc Series0, 15, 16, 16i, 18, 18i, 21i

  • Allen-Bradley Series 9

  • CUPROC 16, 3200, 6400


  • Siemens Sinumerik 840C


Machine Rebuilding & Retooling

Partnering with WMC, CELF Services, LLC offers complete Machine Rebuilding & Retooling Don’t Buy a New One – Fix It Instead!

  • Rebuilding & Remanufacturing

    • Hydraulic Refitting & Hydrostatics

    • Disassembly, Cleaning, and Re-Assembly

    • Painting

    • In-Plant Testing

    • Pneumatics

    • Setup and Adjustments

  • Retooling

  • Control Retrofitting

  • Upgrading

  • Field Services

  • Consulting

  • Adherence to Customer Needs

  • Utilizing the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies, we offer a complete turnkey solution to your equipment refurbishing needs.

  • With over 50 years of combined experience, our engineers and technicians bring a wide variety of disciplines and knowledge to rebuilding machines, instrumental to your business.

  • CELF Services, LLC provides a single source, cost effective solution to upgrading machines and tooling.

Single Source

+ Cost Effective Solutions

+ Timely Resolution




Contact CELF Services, LLC

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PHONE: 717.816.2330
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